Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking service not only get you real web traffic, but also has
positive impact on your keyword ranking. Social bookmarking service is
one such process that involves grouping and storing bookmarks, just like
one would add any website to his Favorites.

When our experts make manual submissions and post the link to your website
as a specific social bookmark, it is recognized by the others in the social
group too as being relevant to what they are looking for and enjoyable too.

  • Submission to dofollow social bookmarking sites only.
  • We are in the business with 100% manual submission, and all the
    submission done by human only.
  • Our SEO Experts will create fresh lists every day to meet the
    requirements of our clients in varying niches.
  • We Only use good Google index site with PR1 to PR8.
    (Digg, Reddit, etc).
  • It is 100% manual social bookmarking service by
    SEO Marketing experts.

50 Social bookmarks Cost-$25
100 Social bookmarks Cost-$45
200 Social bookmarks Cost-$90
300 Social bookmarks Cost-$120